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O que acontece quando morremos

Um pensamento lhe ocorreu.

— Então o que acontece quando morremos?

Jiang ergueu a sobrancelha.

— Acho que você mesma pode responder isso.

Ela refletiu por um instante.

— Voltamos ao mundo espiritual. Nós… deixamos a ilusão. Despertamos.

Ele assentiu.

— Não morremos, apenas voltamos ao nada. Dissolvemos. Perdemos o ego. De apenas uma coisa, passamos a ser todas as coisas.

— R.F. Kuang, em “A guerra da Papoula”.

Making YouTube vídeos responsive

I’ve recently embedded an YouTube video to one of my posts.

The thing is, I had been so used to WordPress and Hugo themes handling the responsiveness of the videos in posts automatically (through the CSS of their themes) that, when I embed the video and it didn’t auto fit the width of my mobile, I knew I had to do something.

Now, CSS can be quite confusing for me, because I don’t use it often. So, I went googling for a solution, tried some approaches that didn’t work, until I came by this particular stylesheet snippet:

.youtube-video {
   aspect-ratio: 16 / 9;
   width: 100%;

Now, only adding this snippet to my CSS can’t do the trick on its own, because by default, YouTube’s embed code comes with given width and height parameters. Take this code as an example:

<iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”″ title=”YouTube video playerframeborder=”0″ allow=”accelerometer; autoplay; clipboard-write; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-pictureallowfullscreen></iframe>

So, to make it really work, I have to remove the width and height parameters and use my youtube-video class, this way:

<iframe class=”youtube-video″ src=”″ title=”YouTube video playerframeborder=”0″ allow=”accelerometer; autoplay; clipboard-write; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-pictureallowfullscreen></iframe>

And this is exactly what I’ve implemented in this post. It worked like a charm 😊

Hebdomadary: week 12, 2023

✱ 84/365 days elapsed in 2023


As my reading of A guerra da Papoula, the Brazilian Portuguese translation of The Poppy Wars, by author R. F. Kuang progresses to ⅓ of the book, this week started greeting me with very nice news from the team at

I can’t remember exactly when I applied to be a volunteer librarian for the app, but this week my application was accepted! This means that now, according to the admins at Literal, I have librarian superpowers, like merging, creating and editing book information.

This makes me particularly satisfied because it’s usually very hard to find Brazilian Portuguese book information on these book tracking apps, and as a librarian I can help reducing this gap. I’m still in need to learn exactly how to do it, but I’ll get there.


It’s been sometime now that I’ve been considering the idea of creating some kind of linklog, a place to share interesting things I come across daily — and it would be very nice to use to do it, so much that I’ve created a feature request in Discourse for that.

My idea is based on the idea of using (currently non-existing) tag templates that could be arranged to display in a list, and be paged as needed. I’ve written about it there, so let’s leave it where it is (hoping that Adam sees it and gets to implement it in a neat way as he always does).

Elvis Presley

This must be my Elvis-iest week ever. I like Elvis Presley songs and everything, although I’m not his biggest fan. But last Monday I listened to Suspicious Minds on the radio and listened later, again, and again, and again. The song became a real earworm.

Then, last night, my son told us about this new Elvis (2022) movie he found on HBO and this afternoon we’ve watched it. The film focuses on the conflicting relationship Elvis had with his long time manager, “Colonel” Tom Parker, who actually narrates the story.

Suspicious Minds appears quite a lot during the movie, and besides being a hell of a song, it mixes pretty well with the plot. If you haven’t watched it yet and can do, do it.

Thanks for reading! See you next week!

If you’re curioushebdomadary is just a fancy way of saying “weekly”, so a fancy, original way to designate my weekly posts :)

B&B Project

Tetiana Mazur and Sergii Shamrai are an Ukranian duo who, in March 2015, created the B&B Project, dubbed after the names of the instruments respectively played by them, the bandura and the button accordion, popular folk instruments.

Together, they create original music and covers from popular songs and even video game soundtracks. Earlier today, I came across B&B Project because of a video shared by Kevin Rothrock on Mastodon, where the duo performed one of the Super Mario Bros theme songs. That amazed me so much I had to write a few lines about them.

In their YouTube channel, Tetiana and Sergii share several of their feats, including playing Paint in Black from the Rolling Stones. They also have a Patreon, for those who can and wish to financially contribute to their work.

Hebdomadary: week 11, 2023

✱ 77/365 days elapsed in 2023

It came to an end

Anxious as I was to watch the ninth (and last) episode of HBO's The Last of Us, I couldn't manage to do it on Sunday. It was hard to keep waiting until last night, when I finally could see where the story led Ellie and Joel.

There was even... a real giraffe making a cameo appearance! 😃

I've stated before that I've never played the two franchise videogames in my life, but I read that these 9 episodes were going to wrap up all the first game and its DLC. In the end, this last episode went following a path that I liked — and that, at the same time, displeased my son, who said he shouldn't have wasted his time watching the series. Still, when I asked him what he'd have done differently, he muted.

As any and many first seasons of series before it, it came to an end. Sometimes this end pleases, sometimes it doesn't. I can't (or don't want to) comment specifics here so I don't reveal spoilers, but let's just say that the final episode of season one was just fair as I could expect it to be. And count me in for watching season 2 when it premiers.

Je me souviens du français

Bien... a petit peut. I've been touching French again as of lately and am remembering how fun it can be to explore a different language. I studied French for around a year and a half in the past, but of course, due to not using it on a regular basis, ended up forgetting a lot of it.

As I'm studying French by my own and don't want to pressure myself or anything, I decided to gather vocabulary through the lightest, easiest way that came to my mind: that is, by reading comics in French. It's somewhat hard to find French comics to download, but after some scavenging, I found a couple of them, Uncle Scrooge — Oncle Picsou magazines, and they're proving to be at the same time both challenging and lots of fun.

Now I'm deciding whether to gather all my vocabulary into a flash card app to practice it through spaced repetition. Maybe I'll do it. Let's see. For now, it's the fun part that's keeping me moving.

Card Survival: Tropical Island

Card Survival: Tropical Island is a game I had my eyes on for quite some time now. I'm not being able to dedicate much time to gaming this year, but considering that Steam's Autumn Sale is on until the next 23rd, 20% off its regular price was enough argument to make me decide to buy it.

In fact, I got to play it this morning, and did it for almost 4 hours in a row. I like this deck building gente a lot, and although the game premise seems simple enough — you wake up on a deserted island only to find out you have to survive it till you escape it, or till you get enough resources and make it your new home —, it's perfectly possible to notice how deep the gameplay is. Devs are active and by the time I purchased it last night, I noticed their introduction of the 41st wave of updates in game mechanics. OMG 😱

In general, I'm finding the experience of having to watch my hunger, thirst, sleepiness, health, stress and so many other leves I have to keep eyes on while scavenging, chopping wood, making fires up and a whole lot of other things very... enjoyable. It does get complicated as the days pass by, and I'm a lousy survival right know, not having passed through my fifth day surviving on the island. Yet, I wasn't wrong buying the game, as I feel something will keep me pushing back to play 🏝️😃

Thanks for reading! See you next week!

If you’re curious, hebdomadary is just a fancy way of saying “weekly”, so a fancy, original way to designate my weekly posts :)