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ISO 8601, aka "the best"

I simply love xkcd comics. Have been following the works of Randall Munroe for so long now that I can't even recall when I started. One of these days I came across this public service announcement about ISO 8601, which is the international standard for date and time representation, and I needed to share it here, because:

  1. That is the correct way to write numeric dates, just as stated by Randall's comic, reproduced above. I can state that as someone who's been responsible for applying the 5S methodology in a digital environment context, that is, regarding files, folders, digital assets and their locations. There's nothing better to promote organization and to put across information efficiently.

  2. @adam, being the creator of, agrees with me (and probably with lots of other people, thank God), that ISO 8601 is the best. And so as you don't need to take my word for it, here's a screenshot of the service's dashboard, where you can select your preferred date format (although this choice should be obvious):

Have I convinced you?

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