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Bedstead is a family of outline fonts based on the characters produced by the Mullard SAA5050 series of Teletext Character Generators. I love fonts, and I couldn’t help falling in love with this one. I’ve even incorporated it in my Mona app experience:

The Assassin’s Teapot is something I first heard about during my childhood, that is, a long time ago. I’ve always been fascinated with its concept, as it is very simple — and, in the wrong hands, likely deadly.

As quoted from Jason Kottke post about it:

The teapot in question has two separate chambers for holding liquid, and the flow out of the pot from each chamber can be controlled by covering or uncovering small holes located on the handle. So, as the legend goes, a would-be assassin could pour themselves a perfectly fine drink from one chamber and then pour a poisoned drink to their prey from the other chamber, just by discreetly covering and uncovering the proper holes with their fingers.

Jason also mentions a YouTube video from Steve Mould. Steve does science videos, and an amazing job describing the way the teapot works.

Hebdomadary: week 13, 2023

✱ 91/365 days elapsed in 2023


This week work got me very busy. I had almost no time to do anything else; thus, my reading of “The Poppy Wars” has almost stopped — I guess I must have progressed a bare 5% or 6%, and my series episode watching actually stopped.

On the one hand, this must have been the week I felt most tired ever in 2023. On the other hand, I feel I’m learning new things and making some progress, what feels very nice.


Have you ever felt so tired, but so really tired that if you could, all you’d do would be to sleep all day long?

Along with this week’s work I started to feel very much tired by the end of each day, specially last Thursday and yesterday, Friday. These were the days I needed to attend work in person — taking me out of my WFH routine.

Now. One thing is to consider that having to ride to work and stay there, coming back home by the end of the day is the likely culprit for all this tiredness. I can’t actually rule it out, but I started to worry, because I’ve been feeling very sleepy — and kind of energy-less — as of lately.

I’m considering setting an appointment to go see a doctor. I have some medical conditions under control, which I’m not going to list here for privacy purposes, but I guess any time feels good for a visit to the doctor for a checkup.

The pile grows

Another side effect I felt this week was a raise in my pile of to read articles.

Between my own savings from web and the newsletters I follow, there’s so much unread material that I’m seriously considering ditching it all — i.e., marking every piece as read and moving on. No FOMO here.

For what I do get to read, I usually take notes, make highlights and comments. I’m considering starting to publish them in this blog soon enough.

Thanks for reading! See you next week!

If you’re curioushebdomadary is just a fancy way of saying “weekly”, so a fancy, original way to designate my weekly posts :)

We Spoke To The Guy Who Created The Viral AI Image Of The Pope That Fooled The World is an interesting short interview with Pablo Xavier, a 31-year-old construction worker from the Chicago area who created an image where Pope Francis wears a puffy white jacket that went viral on Reddit and Facebook and was created with Midjourney, an AI tool that generates images from natural language descriptions. Pablo says it got him scared that people thought it was a real image without questioning it, what helped him realize the potential impact of AI-generated images, that, to him, need regulation as to avoid the spread of misinformation.

ISO 8601, aka "the best"

I simply love xkcd comics. Have been following the works of Randall Munroe for so long now that I can't even recall when I started. One of these days I came across this public service announcement about ISO 8601, which is the international standard for date and time representation, and I needed to share it here, because:

  1. That is the correct way to write numeric dates, just as stated by Randall's comic, reproduced above. I can state that as someone who's been responsible for applying the 5S methodology in a digital environment context, that is, regarding files, folders, digital assets and their locations. There's nothing better to promote organization and to put across information efficiently.

  2. @adam, being the creator of, agrees with me (and probably with lots of other people, thank God), that ISO 8601 is the best. And so as you don't need to take my word for it, here's a screenshot of the service's dashboard, where you can select your preferred date format (although this choice should be obvious):

Have I convinced you?